Power Thread Washer

Thread cleaning on tubular products is not only essential to ensure safety, but also to increase the lifespan of these resources. Most OCTG running procedures require that casing, tubing, and drill pipe connections are cleaned before running. All connections, prior to makeup should be free of all foreign material to ensure proper thread engagement and seal integrity. This reduces costly connection leaks and/or recuts, and extends the life of the threads and seal areas of the box and pin ends.

Power Thread Washer (PTW), or Power Thread Cleaner, is used to clean and seal both the box and pin ends of any API, Premium Connection, or Drill pipe.

Hydrotestors 550 Series, 960 Series, and 1360 Series PTW’s can clean tubulars from 3/4″ (19.1 mm) to 13 ⅝” (346.1 mm).

550 Series PTW Heads for Tubing and Casing up to 5 1/2"

960 Series PTW Heads for Casing 7" up to 9 5/8"

1360 Series PTW Heads for Casing 10 3/4" up to 13 3/8"

The PTW Unit is a compact stand-alone unit that only requires a supplied air source of a minimum of 25-30 CFM at 90-100 PSI to operate the air motors effectively. Most units come with a 120L tank to hold the cleaning solvent. Once plugged into the supplied air by connecting the Box Head and Pin Head, one trigger activates the air motor to spin the brushes, the second trigger activates the solvent sprayers. Steel or Nylon Brushes are available for API, Premium connections, or Drill Pipe. Parts that make up the PTW Box and Pin Heads are made from lightweight aluminium. All tanks, hoses, and fittings are pressure tested prior to leaving our shop.

A PTW Unit is very versatile as it can be used on the rig floor, pipe racks or plant facility. Minimal training is required to operate the PTW safely. All rotating parts and cleaning solvent sprayers are all enclosed making them user-friendly and safe.

PTW Units are very portable as they have been designed to fit into the back of a 1/2 ton truck for easy transportation to the work site.

A Stand Style PTW Unit is available to clean pipe on a rack, this is most useful when using the larger PTW Box and Pin Heads. Catch basins with drain hoses can be used to catch all used cleaning solvents. Some customers have attached vacuum line systems to speed up this process.

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