Pipe Drift, Tubing Drift & Casing Drift

Hydrotestors maintains a stock inventory of API 5CT Pipe Drifts to cover Tubing from 1¼” (31.8 mm) up to 20″ (508 mm) Casing. These stock drifts can be ready to ship in as little as 24 hours from ordering. Custom Drift Lengths or OD’s can also be ready to ship in 24-48 hours.

Most OCTG running procedures promote the use of a plastic or Teflon coated pipe drift. Hydrotestors new TuffDrift material has been designed to offer superior durability over other plastic pipe drifts while still being cost effective. Our TuffDrift material will also maintain tighter tolerances for shrinking or expanding from exposure of the pipe drift to hot or cold temperatures.

Most premium tubular supervision companies, as well as tubular suppliers, recommend the use of a plastic drift for all premium connections. We can manufacture pipe drifts to comply with API specifications, or for any custom size or length requests.

We can also build drifts as per API 6A and API 16A for Valves and Christmas Trees, or any custom variation required.

Custom Valve Drift with Handle

We can accommodate drifts for any of the following:

  • API Tubing
  • API Casing
  • API Drill Pipe
  • Premium Tubing
  • Premium Casing
  • Premium Drill Pipe
  • Drill Collar
  • Plastic Coated Pipe, or Internally Coated Tubular
  • Fiberglass Tubular
  • Vacuum Drift
  • Christmas Tree Drift
  • Valve Drift
  • API 5CT Drift
  • API 6A Drift
  • API 16A Drift

Both our TuffDrifts and UHMW Polyethylene Rod Drifts are:

  • Lightweight – Less likely to damage pipe, personnel, and thread protectors
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Teflon drifts available upon request

Teflon Drift

Hydrotestors maintains an inventory of Drift Tapes, also called Drift Snakes. we stock 50 Foot Lengths in two main sizes:

  • Light Duty Drift Tape - more commonly used in tubing/drill pipe applications
  • Heavy Duty Drift Tape - more commonly used in casing applications

Custom UHMW Drift

Hydrotestors also has a full inventory of a Custom Barbell Drift Mandrels with interchangeable plates between different sizes and weights of casing:

Custom UHMW Barbel Mandrel Drift

1 ½” Plates can be interchanged for different sizes and weights

Size Range 5 ½” to 30” Casing

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