Our Oilfield Products

Pipe Drift & Tubing Drift

Most OCTG running procedures promote the use of a plastic or Teflon coated drift. Hydrotestors new TuffDrift material has been designed to offer superior durability over other plastic drifts while still being cost effective. Our TuffDrift material will…

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Oilfield Stabbing Guide

Stabbing Guides are used while running pipe to protect the pin threads and seal area, as well as the box end threads, from being damaged by missed stabs during make–up.

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Power Thread Washer

Thread cleaning on tubular products is not only essential to ensure safety, but also to increase the lifespan of these resources. Most OCTG running procedures require that casing, tubing, and drill pipe connections are cleaned before running. All…

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Pressure Testing Tools

Hydrotestors has designed and manufactured tubing and casing pressure testing tools for over 40 years. We can build either a single hose or double hose tools for testing the complete tubular body including the connections, or smaller length connection only…

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