Oilfield Stabbing Guides

We have three different styles of Guides. Stabbing Guides, Pulling Guides and All-in-One Guides, these are available in a variety of sizes from 1¼″ (31.8 mm) - 20” (508 mm)

STABBING GUIDES are used while running pipe to protect the pin threads and seal area, as well as the box end threads, from being damaged by missed stabs during make–up.

PULLING GUIDES are used while pulling the pipe to protect the pin and box threads from hanging up by keeping the connection centred to allow proper thread clearance during the break apart process.

ALL-IN-ONE GUIDES can be used for both running and pulling pipe. They compile all the benefits of a Stabbing Guide and Pulling Guide in just one guide. The most cost-effective guide on the market.

Stabbing Guides, Pulling Guides, and All-in-One Guides have a plastic urethane insert that will not damage the box or pin areas of the connection. The plastic urethane that Hydrotestors uses is safe for use in extremely cold and extremely hot conditions, in both onshore and offshore applications, and is resistant to most chemicals. Our steel case handles and latch system provides superior support for the urethane insert and better clamping stability on the box connection. Our designs are more robust and stay in place better than other plastic guide designs currently available in the market.

We manufacture API, Premium and custom guides for all applications:


  • API Tubing
  • API Casing
  • API Drill Pipe


  • Premium Tubing
  • Premium Casing
  • Premium Drill Pipe

Most OCTG running procedures recommend the use of stabbing guides. Most premium tubular supervision companies, as well as tubular suppliers, also recommend the use of stabbing and pulling guides for all premium connections. Similarly, it is recommended to use stabbing and pulling guides for all API tubing, casing, and drill pipe.

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